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Struggling to research and understand the companies you are interviewing at? This course gives you the inside scoop for nearly 2 dozen top companies so you land your dream role.

For all of the companies listed below, we have over 200 pages of core study guides with important facts, each company's strategic roadmap, and a compilation of the most frequently asked PM interview questions. For 13 companies, we have exclusive interviews with PMs at each company to show you how their culture, interview process, and strategic roadmap varies.

This course comes with lifetime access and is constantly being improved and updated to stay relevant to the PM recruiting processes of top tech companies.

Course last updated: Jan. 4, 2021

Amazon logo

Amazon Strategic Overview (5 pages)

Amazon’s Most Asked PM Questions (Jan 2021)

Netflix logo

Netflix Strategic Overview (4 pages)

Netflix’s Most Asked PM Questions (Jan 2021)

Apple logo

Apple Strategic Overview (5 pages)

Apple’s Most Asked PM Questions (Jan 2021)

Asana Logo

Asana Strategic Overview (4 pages)

Asana’s Most Asked PM Questions (Jan 2021)

Spotify logo

Spotify Strategic Overview (4 pages)

Spotify’s Most Asked PM Questions (Jan 2021)

Pinterest logo

Pinterest Strategic Overview (4 pages)

Pinterest’s Most Asked PM Questions (Jan 2021)

TikTok logo

TikTok Strategic Overview (3 pages)

Tiktok’s Most Asked PM Questions (Jan 2021)

Airtable logo

Airtable Strategic Overview (4 pages)

Airtable’s Most Asked PM Questions (Jan 2021)

Robinhood logo

Robinhood Strategic Overview (3 pages)

Robinhood’s Most Asked PM Questions (Jan 2021)


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