1:1 PM Onsite Interview Simulation

with Neel Mehta

If you are going to get coached, might as well get coached by the best. Google PM Neel Mehta literally wrote the book on product management and has received offers from the top companies.

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1-on-1 private coaching

Real interview questions

Practice and perfect your responses to the most recently asked interview questions at the company of your choice.

Interview performance evaluation

Get the full experience of a real onsite interview with candid performance evaluation and feedback from a calibrated FAANG interviewer.

Personalized study plan

Receive recommendations on what to spend your precious prep time focusing on based on your mock interview performance as well as a recording of your full interview session.

How coaching works


Schedule time with Neel

When scheduling, you can share the company you are interviewing at and the type(s) of questions you’d like to practice so Neel can come prepared and every minute of your scheduled interview session can be spent actually interviewing!

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Simulate the full onsite experience for the company of your choosing.

We offer 3 hour blocks with Neel to create the most accurate possible simulation of the actual onsite interview experience. We believe this is the best way to truly put your PM interview skills to the test after completing our courses. After your session, you will receive a recording of your interview onsite simulation so you can re-watch yourself and to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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Get the offer of your dreams!

Product Alliance coaching isn’t just meant to get you an offer. It is meant to get you a “Strong Hire” rating so you can negotiate the elevated salary and level you desire. Approximately 74% of “Strong Hire” PM Candidates who are able to negotiate $75k or more from the initial offer at FAANG companies completed professional coaching with a calibrated interviewer before their onsite.

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$1759 for 3 hours

Coaching FAQ

Why is availability limited?

To preserve our extremely high quality bar, Neel personally conducts every onsite interview simulation himself. Given high demand, Neel’s availability can be quite limited especially during peak recruiting seasons so we recommend booking sessions well in advance whenever possible.

Can I book multiple 1 hour sessions instead of a 3 hour session?

We have found that our students improve more dramatically from mock onsite interviews versus one-off coaching sessions. After seeing your holistic performance in the mock onsite interview, our instructors can give you tactical feedback to improve on your weaknesses to be more well rounded - something that is difficult to do during an one-off session. Thus, we don't offer single hour sessions.

Do I have to use my full 3 hour session doing a full onsite simulation?

Absolutely not. You can use this time however would be most helpful to you. Although the onsite simulation is the most common use of this session, some candidates prefer to go deep on a single interview type (e.g. Technical interviews) or even just ask Neel more general questions on how to best package their past experiences to make themselves a good fit for senior leadership positions.

What's your cancellation, "no show," and rescheduling policy?

Coaching sessions cannot be cancelled after they are booked. However, coaching sessions can be rescheduled for free by giving us more than 48 hour notice. In other words, if you decide you don't need the session anymore and tell us more than 48 hours in advance, you will be eligible to use that "unused" session at another time. Rescheduling is subject to instructor availability.

If you fail to attend a coaching session, or are more than 30 minutes late, the session will be considered a "no show" and it will count as having been used.

How will I get feedback from my interview session?

Every interview simulation video call is recorded and provided to the candidate afterwards. Feedback will be provided at the end of the interview on this video call, so having access to this video recording allows candidates to review this and practice accordingly. Some candidates request a written feedback report to simulate a hiring committee. If you want a full written feedback report (minimum 9 pages), we will have multiple senior instructors review your mock interviews and provide a consolidated written feedback report to dissect your performance like a hiring committee would. This written feedback report is available for purchase for an additional $379.